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Tap and Try: The ultimate virtual try-on solution to attract customers

Tap and Try is a revolutionary solution that lets your customers try your products in seconds from your social media, ads or online store.

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Loved by 4000+ Businesses selling more with Tap and Try

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  • Learn how Tap and Try’s virtual try on experience is attracting customers by allowing them to visualize products in their own space with no apps or downloads from Social Media, Websites, Advertising & QR codes.
  • Is your business suited to Tap and Try?
  • How collected data and information can be used to identify trends & re-target prospective customers with offers and incentives.
  • How Tap and Try is the new 2024 funnel standard that is enhancing customer engagement.

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Tap and Try Explained

View examples and hear Tap and Try explained by our founder Mike Potter. (Duration: 2min:40)

Step 1 Customer taps your Tap and Try link or scans QR code

trying tap and try - the process

Step 2 Customer taps your product and views on their background

trying tap and try - the process

Step 3 Customer Buys, Shares, Engages, Gets a quote or Connects

trying tap and try - the process

tick Are you looking for a way to increase your online sales, reduce your returns, and improve your customer satisfaction?

tick Do you want to offer a unique and engaging shopping experience that sets you apart from your competitors?

tick Do you want clear & valuable data about your customers?

If you answered yes, then you need Tap and Try!

Tap and Try is a revolutionary solution that lets your prospective customers try your products in seconds. Whether you sell fashion, home decor, art, home improvements, tattoos, jewellery, plants, floristry, landscaping or appliances (or any physical product) Tap and Try can help your customers visualize how they would look on them or in their home.

They can share with their friends & family via messaging or via social media, proceed to buy or get a quote, live chat with staff or even AI. Tap and Try is not only fun and easy to use, but also beneficial for both you and your customers.
Here are some of the advantages of using Tap and Try:

For You

we;ve got you! You can attract new or re-emgage existing customers and boost sales, offering a unique and engaging shopping experience.

we;ve got you! Enable re-targeting and email campaigns with personalized messages based on customer's interests, preferences and behaviours.

we;ve got you! You can collect valuable data and insights, as you can track and analyze the performance of your products and campaigns.

we;ve got you! Reduce your returns, exchanges, and shipping costs, as you can help your customers make better and faster purchase decisions.

we;ve got you! Affordability: Avoid hefty costs associated with product visualization such as 3D model creation, high maintenance & update charges AND high subscription fees.

For your Customers

we;ve got you! They can instantly visualize colors, styles, options and get an idea how your products suits their needs.

we;ve got you! They can save time and money, as they can avoid returns, exchanges, or shipping costs.

we;ve got you! They can discover new products and offers, as they can browse through a wide range of options and categories, such as home decor, home improvements, fashion, and art.

we;ve got you! They can buy the products they like directly from your own ecommerce or an external payment provider, such as Stripe or PayPal, requests quotes, live chat, make contact or more.

Tap and Try is the future of online shopping.
Don't miss this opportunity to transform your online store and grow your business. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

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Loved by 4000+ Businesses selling more with Tap and Try

How to integrate Tap and Try with your online store or Social Media

Business Admin - Required Skill Level: Beginner

Tap and Try requires no 3D images or 3D models making it extremely fast, simple & affordable to implement.

1. Join our 14 day free trial.
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2. Upload your product images into Tap and Try.

3. Generate a unique link or QR code and copy/paste it on your online store, social media, website, shop window, or video/TV.

As trusted by leading retailers:
Bistro StTropez

What other retailers say about Tap and Try

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from others retailers who have used Tap and Try and loved it to boost sales and engagement.

Ivan Vantagiato "The simplest NO-BRAINER I’ve seen in years. Customers Love it and IT CONVERTS!"

Ivan Vantagiato
Marketing Guru & Author
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Abbi Loizou "With our very first post to Facebook, pasting a link to try our products, we had more customers through our store than in the entire 2 months prior."

Abbi Loizou
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Abby Potter "Australian label House of Campbell designs suiting and elevated wardrobe classics for the modern power-woman. Visualization plays a critical role in the future of fashion. Customers can try our range no matter their location, and in our industry, and that's gold"

Abby Potter
House of Campbell
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Robert Ryan "Return website traffic increased by over 200%. Bounce rate is down from +80% to below 60%. Social media click-through traffic up over 300%. Sales up over 240%. Our promotions are converting. The primary difference is Tap and Try."

Robert Ryan
Internet Marketing Success
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Adam Hussein "We smashed engagement records by over 300% and experienced a big decrease in bounce rates just by inviting customers on social media to try our products."

Adam Hussein
Bistro StTropez
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jorge Daels "It seems that anyone looking for curtains comes to us to visualize styles and colours. After trying, we then direct them to a coupon to bring into our store or use in our shopping cart. The results have been outstanding."

Jorge` Daels
Hangende Gordijnen
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ferdinand Mandji "We launched in a novice market new technologies. This new technology was the perfect solution to reassure our potential customers about the suitability of our products with their environments. With support at your disposal and perfect service, I highly recommend it."

Ferdinand Mandji
La Maison De Sampoules
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Integrates Easily with Any Platform

Anywhere you can paste a link or add a QR code, you can invite potential customers to visualize your products.

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Tap and Try Global alliance announced with

Tap and Try Global alliance

With over 5 million global users are ranked #1 with a 98% customer satisfaction score. Tap and Try have integrated enabling conversations and engagement with potential customers ‘tapping’ your products. Learn more how

AI Assist harnesses AI in your chat communications with Tap and Try.

Our 100% Guarantee

Our Rock-Solid 100% Guarantee

Create sales, collect leads and build data 100% FREE for 14 days and if you feel Tap and Try is not for you, leave. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! There are no lock in contracts - EVER.

We know the results you will get if you let us guide you. YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE WANTING TO STAY! Thats our second guarantee!!!


Maybe! If they are, you'd better not get left behind. If they aren't it's because they havent found us yet. In that case you are in a good spot to get the jump on them. Take the 14 day FREE TRIAL and if you're not making more sales or building leads as you'd like in 14 days ... leave. It's cost you nothing. The worst case is you make sales and get leads for free!

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Loved by 4000+ Businesses selling more with Tap and Try

Tap and Try: More Than Just Visualization…

Ad-Tech and Data Collection

Tap and Try is much more than a tool for seeing products in your space. It's a sophisticated ad-tech platform that uses visualization as the starting point to gather data, understand customer behaviour, personalize marketing efforts, and ultimately, make smarter business decisions. It's about going after the benchmark 97-98% of traffic that aren't looking to buy today, but might buy later. It's about turning a simple interaction into a wealth of knowledge and marketing opportunities for businesses.

The "Carrot" that attracts Customers

Tap and Try offers an instant visualization feature that acts as a standout attraction for customers. It allows them to immediately see how products look in their own spaces. This feature is compared to a "shiny, attractive carrot" that draws customers in.

Beyond Simple Visualization

As customers use the visualization tool, Tap and Try collects valuable data. This includes the styles customers are interested in and their interactions with the products.

Significance of Collected Data

The collected data is extremely valuable for businesses. It provides insights into customer preferences, dislikes, and potential buying triggers. The focus is not just on product display but on a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

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