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Gavin Wanganeen Joins Forces with Tap and Try to Revolutionize Art Engagement Through Mixed Reality


Gavin Wanganeen

Adelaide, South Australia – Renowned Indigenous Australian sportsman and artist Gavin Wanganeen, celebrated for his remarkable contributions on and off the field, is now pioneering the art world with Tap and Try’s cutting-edge mixed-reality technology.

As a revered figure with accolades including two AFL Premiership victories, the prestigious Brownlow Medal, and induction into the Australian Football Hall of Fame, Wanganeen’s legacy is undisputed. His commitment to cultural and educational advancements is evident through initiatives like the Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship at the University of South Australia, fostering education for Indigenous students.

Wanganeen’s artistic talent, deeply rooted in his Kokatha heritage, has illuminated the world of Aboriginal art, captivating audiences in events such as the South Australian Living Artists festival. His designs have graced the AFL fields during Indigenous Rounds, showcasing the vibrant storytelling of his ancestors.

Tap and Try, conceived by esteemed South Australian programmer Michael Potter, delivers an immersive visual experience, allowing users to preview products in their own space with unparalleled ease. No apps, no hassle – a simple ‘tap’ on a device springs life to art and products in any setting.

The synergy between Wanganeen’s vibrant art and Tap and Try’s technology is emblematic of the future of art consumption. This collaboration, now supported by giants like Stratco and Tawk.to, is set to transform the way art is interacted with, purchased, and appreciated.

Cain Dover, Business Development Manager at Tap and Try, recognizes the immense potential this technology holds. “With Black Friday approaching, Tap and Try is poised to revolutionize retail engagement,” says Dover. “Our partnership with Gavin Wanganeen is a testament to the power of combining traditional art with modern technology.”

Tap and Try stands as a beacon of innovation, enabling even small businesses to harness the power of mixed reality and AI-driven analytics to elevate customer experience.

Experience the magic of Wanganeen’s art in your own home and explore the possibilities for your business with a free trial at tapandtry.com.

About Gavin Wanganeen:

AFL legend, Brownlow Medalist, and an artist of the Kokatha people, Gavin Wanganeen is a beacon of inspiration in both the sports and art communities. His journey from a decorated sportsman to a celebrated artist reflects his dynamic adaptability and deep cultural connection.

About Tap and Try:

Founded by Michael Potter, Tap and Try is a groundbreaking South Australian tech innovation, offering a seamless mixed-reality experience. Its strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Tawk.to amplify its vision to transform customer engagement across the globe.

For more information, please contact:
Cain Dover
Business Development Manager – Tap and Try
+61 (0)481 759 222

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