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As a new Tap and Try customer, Gavin wanted a successful way to sell his Art. Here is EXACTLY how he achieved sales of $28,116 in 22 days using Tap and Try

Did he advertise a discount? – NO

Did he show a staging image? – NO

He did show a nice image of himself standing in front of his print.

BUT … when users saw an opportunity to click & INSTANTLY see his art in their own home they clicked the link to Tap and Try

As a result of using Tap and Try, in 22 days he made sales of $28,116 and added 491 users along with their interests to his email list AS AT THE TIME OF THIS ARTICLE.
Below is EXACTLY what he did.

Gavin Wanganeen is a talented Indigenous Artist. 

Within 3 days of posting a Tap and Try link on ONE INSTAGRAM POST he made rapid sales of his Art. He also added hundreds of email subscribers automating many further sales.

Gavin Wanganeen

Firstly, If you Don’t Know What ‘Tap and Try’ Is …

MOst of your buyers want to understand how your art will look on their own wall. 76%+ of shoppers will not download an app or software And 93%+ Wont Wait For A Slow Experience.

Tap and Try blends mixed reality and business growth into one smart space resulting in a seamless customer journey proven to achieve UNPRECEDENTED business results. And IT’S SIMPLE! For customers and YOU!!!

There are hurdles E.g.  no apps or downloads to deter or distract customers. Tap and Try creates links and QR codes that you simply copy & paste into any website, social media, advertising, gallery window or print media enabling customers to INSTANTLY visualize YOUR ART on THEIR OWN WALL with a simple click or scan. The Tap and Try application kicks in and does the rest!

In Short … ‘Tap and Try’ Is The Marketing Breakthrough for 2024

Artists – Galleries – Retailers



Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

Abby Potter
House of Campbell


1. He enabled an optional Tap and Try landing page popup message that included a YouTube video introducing himself and briefly explaining his work. 

2. He also asked for a name and email and what styles of art were of interest. These were automatically added to MailChimp (an email list program) by Tap and Try’s easy setup. He had already established an intriguing lure of seeing the art in the users own home, so it was a natural flowing process for visitors to enter their details.

As a result his numbers were:

  • 2,691 visitors cicked his Tap and Try screen and

Even though visitors were given the opportunity to skip adding their interests, he had good conversion to his list… FAR GREATER than ever captured from E.g. a webpage ‘Please Subscribe’ or regular pop-up ‘opt-in’ form.

On his Tap and Try he also added his Meta pixel, allowing him to re-target any visitors via Instagram or Facebook with re-targeting marketing. He hasn’t done this yet. NOTE: All of his sales were without paid promotion and were ‘organic’. Re-targeting would incur a paid promotion.

How And Why Did He Use MailChimp?

Because Your sales won’t all happen on a first visit!
  • Everyone knows that most people won’t buy today but some may buy later. In addition, email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) & success of any online marketing.
  • In addition, people are more likely to buy what they are interested in, so the interests ticked by the user in the Tap and Try form are automatically flagged as tags in MailChimp.

By using MailChimp’s automated emails, he delivered a follow-up email. That resulted in more sales. MANY MORE! MailChimp further allows for automations – A series of emails which can align with the interest tags added. He is also yet to explore these, but as we provide ongoing help and support have suggested there remains far more opportunities.

How Did He Process Sales?

He used Stripe to process sales by adding a Stripe payment link directly into his Tap and Try Buy Now button.  Stripe also can collect the customer details for delivery and capture directly to MailChimp for future marketing and follow-up. Alternatively you might choose to link to your website shopping cart or even PayPal.

Did he follow our blueprint? YES.

And he made $28,116 in his first 22 days as a result of using ‘Tap and Try’.

Can you do these steps? YES.

We can’t guarantee or guess your results, but these numbers and steps are 100% accurate. AND AS A RESULT HE HAS SOLD $28,116 IN 22 DAYS.
What can Tap and Try do for you?

You Too Can Simply Follow Our Blueprint – ‘Boosting Sales with Proven Strategies’

Tap and Try offers a straight-forward, step-by-step blueprint designed to significantly increase your customer traffic and Art sales. This isn’t about complex theories; it’s about practical, actionable steps that have been refined through experience and data.

We understand that time is a valuable asset in any  business. That’s why our blueprint is focused on efficiency – getting you better results in less time. By following our method, you’re not just adopting best practices; you’re leveraging a system that has been proven to outperform solo efforts.

This is about smart business decisions. With Tap and Try, you’re not just saving time; you’re investing in a strategy that delivers measurable improvements in customer engagement and acquisition. It’s straightforward, data-driven, and effective – exactly what a results-oriented business requires.

Artists – Galleries – Retailers



Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

“The simplest NO-BRAINER I’ve seen in years. Customers Love it and IT CONVERTS!”
Ivan Vantagiato
Marketing Guru & Author
save yourself weeks of friustration

Like Better ROI for YOUR Money? Let us guide you.

All businesses big or small can use their money better with simple-to-follow Analytics + ‘AI’

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns with Tap and Try. Our advanced AI-driven analytics & recommendations allow for precision targeting, ensuring your products reach the right audience at the right time. 

Use Integrated Tap and Try landing screens & Analytics to gain data insights to re-engage visitors who showed interest but didn’t convert, effectively increasing the chances of conversion.


Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

Artists – Galleries – Retailers



Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

“More traffic than entire 2 months prior”
Abbi Loizou

We make hard things … SIMPLE

With Tap and Try, retargeting becomes more than just a hunch; it’s a strategic approach with AI suggestions, helping to understanding customer behaviour, preferences, and patterns. 

This helps in crafting personalized experiences, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Leverage the power of Tap and Try to turn insights into actionable strategies and watch your customer base grow.

Artists – Galleries – Retailers



Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

“Website traffic increased by over 200%!”
Robert Ryan
Internet Marketing Success
simplified AI analysis

Integrated AI Analysis …
made simple

Whether you are a small business or a global brand, Tap and Try is THE #1 ENGAGEMENT SOLUTION attracting customers & delivering sales, along with strategic AD-TECH marketing data that is valuable and understandable to ALL large and small business owners, thanks to Tap and Try’s in-built AI data analysis.

Artists – Galleries – Retailers



Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

We smashed engagement records by over 300%
Adam Hussein
Bistro StTropez

What Tap and Try Can Do for YOU

Skyrocket Your Sales

Utilize the potent power of visualization to STAND-OUT & draw more interest to your business.

Simple and Engaging Interaction

Allow customers to visualize YOUR art in THEIR home or office with a simple tap.

No Apps, No Downloads

Offer an INSTANT seamless, direct experience without the distraction of installing additional software or apps.

Limited-Time FREE Trial

Take the 14 Day FREE Trial. No lock-in contracts. Let us guide you to more sales, better ROI and BUSINESS GROWTH! NOTE … The FREE Trial is filling fast, so GET IN NOW!

Proven Results

We know what’s working. We’ve done it ourselves, we help others do it and we want to help you.

Versatile Visualization

From ceiling fans to tattoos, let customers engage with YOUR products.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Connect with websites, TV, print media & shopping carts like Shopify, WordPress, and BigCommerce, AND boost your presence across ALL social media.

Global Reach

Engage customers from anywhere, whether they are interacting with social media, websites, or even physical billboards!

Intelligent AI Analysis

Harness the power of AI to streamline your strategies and pinpoint potent marketing opportunities.

Target with Precision

Re-engage and retain with the powerful data collation and retargeting capabilities of Tap and Try.

Artists – Galleries – Retailers



Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

“Perfect Service”
Ferdinand Mandji
La Maison DeSampoules

Journey into a Future where Your Products Aren’t Just Seen… They’re EXPERIENCED!

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You’ve seen the proof. You’ve witnessed the transformation of businesses just like yours. Now, it’s YOUR turn to step into a future where every customer interaction is an opportunity to convert, engage, and mesmerize.

Why Wait? When unparalleled growth is just a tap away!

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Our Rock-Solid 100% Guarantee

When you join us at Tap and Try, you can join with confidence because we are keen to help and as there are NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS you’re free to leave if we are not delivering. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Artists – Galleries – Retailers



Loved by 1,000’s selling more with Tap and Try

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