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Our Mission

To help businesses grow by giving their customers an exciting and interactive way to try before they buy while businesses capture vital business-building data and customer insights.

About Us

Tap and Try is a web-based SaaS platform that revolutionizes customer attraction and marketing list building.

By providing a unique shopping experience, it enables customers to seamlessly visualize retail products in their own environment using their smartphones.

Whether trying on outfits or envisioning home improvements, Tap and Try accelerates the sales process while capturing valuable remarketing data for retailers.

It’s a quick and easy way to engage customers, boost sales, and gather powerful insights for effective marketing strategies.



Absolutely not. Tap and Try allows your clients to try on or visualize your online products in their home

Not at all, our team will help you upload your products into Tap and Try so your clients can simply Tap and Try

Simple! By scanning a QR code or following a browser link. No app downloads or installs

Good question! We set up an opt in page with the information you want to gather, email list and names or phone number (remember less is more)

It shows your clients that you are progressive and on trend with current technology, additionally Tap and Try have done all the heavy lifting in development and you can simply implement, visualize and build your database.

As many as you like based on your subscription

Tap and Try tracks all traffic and can provide all analytics on your unique Tap and Try links, helping you learn which links/QR codes or social channels are getting you the most traction.

Yes! You will be type of tech that only larger companies usually have the funds to develop, plus you’re offering a unique online shopping experience which helps cut through normal paid ads, and you can build an email marketing list

Want your clients to try your products in their home?

Try absolutely free for 14 Day. Set up in minutes and simple to understand.

It’s YOUR  time to Tap and Try and start selling more!

Tap and Try seamlessly integrates with social media, all websites, TV advertising, print media, and more.

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Sales enquiries

Live chat is available from this page or call via numbers below.


Please use livechat in your admin or visit support.tapandtry.com

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Corporate Enquiries

Complete the form on this screen. We will respond as quickly as possible and request a call to better understand your needs. We look forward to providing a quote to build your sales, big data & customer experience with Tap and Try.